Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Father's Day at the Market...

We had a muggy, hot day last saturday. Our indoor ventilation system was working at full steam (sadly, it is not air conditioning like some thought); we did feel the occasional cool breeze through the building but everyone had to stand still, only to inhale while waiting, then collectively sigh when it had passed, happy to comment on how nice that was. I can honestly say that I was undecided about whether conditions were better indoors or outdoors. And still, we had a great day!

You will be happy to hear that we are giving away chocolate covered strawberries again this Saturday. If you missed these delectable treats last year, please be sure to track one of us down this Saturday. The Promotions committee in partnership with Renee Sarloos of Berry Hill Fruit Farms (also a director of the Board of Management) has put together this tasty little treat - our way of saying Thankyou. Last I heard, 200 strawberries are being dipped in dark chocolate. People asked me last year if they could buy them from me and I think I might have accidentially given a few people more than one. Be sure to Enjoy!

We are also having a little Father's Day contest at the face painting table in the outdoor cafe of the North Pavilion. Help your kids fill out a ballot telling everyone why their Dad is so great. We have a few donated prizes from our vendors and we will draw the name of a lucky Dad every hour.

Remember I mentioned earlier that I would highlight guest vendors' posts? I put this offer out to all our vendors to send me information about their business, their passions, and their path to arriving as a vendor at the Horton Farmers' Market. Following is some interesting information about Annie Adams who has a flair for display at her booth inside the building.
Annie Adams has had a passion for sewing since she was a young child. She remembers wanting to sew just like her Mother and how she would hover and putter around her Mother’s side until she was allowed to sew on her own. Annie raised and sewed for her seven children and now enjoys creating items for her sixteen grandchildren, and two great grandchildren! Although she still enjoys altering the occasional wedding dress, she now prefers to sew less fussy items. She also keeps busy doing volunteer repairs and alterations for the nursing home where her husband resides, as well as for the hospital.

Annie sews for infants, children, adults, seniors, and pets. Here is just a small list of items she can whip up for you....

Aprons, Bibs, Bonnets, Burpie Pads, Receiving Blankets, Infants Fitted Sheet Sets, Book Covers,
Chair Caddy’s, Girl’s Dresses, Girl’s Baby dolls, Children’s Shorts, Boxers, Pyjamas, Children’s Paint Shirts, Beach Bags, Travel Bags, Shoe Bags, Children’s Totes, Pencil Cases, Granny Nightgowns, Seniors “gentlemen’s” bibs, Surgical Caps, Dog scarves, Cat Nip toys, Clothes Pin Bags, Heating Pads, Pot Holders, Placemats, Napkins, Kitchen Hand Towels, Children’s hand Towels, Table Runners, Tea Cozies, Toaster Covers, Ironing Board Covers, Pillow Cases, Wine Bottle “Tuxedos”, Pin cushions.... if it can be sewn, she can sew it!
(Annie seen here to the left with another avid sewer - my Mom)

Retiring from Fabric Land after eighteen years Annie moved from Sudbury to St. Thomas in 2009 due to her husband’s illness and to be with her family. Annie is thrilled to a part of the Horton Farmers' Market where she is able to share her passion for sewing with others. She looks forward to the energy and friendship the market brings each Saturday morning.

If you have a passion for sewing, are interested in learning to sew, or looking for a specific item as a gift or for yourself, Annie welcomes you to stop by her friendly booth for a chat. She takes orders of all sizes!

And lastly from me, Empire Valley Farms will not be at the market this weekend. They are having their 25 year farming anniversary at their home business. You can tour their greenhouses and vegetable fields this weekend both Sat. & Sun, 1-4pm. They are located at 27983 Talbot Line, just west of Wallacetown. If you get a chance to say Hi to them at their home base.

What I love about the market (besides the breakfast sandwich, the uplifting connections made, and the unending gifts it bestows on our community), is that it is so comforting to know that you can trace your food source from farm to fork in one easy visit.

See you at the market,

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager
Horton Farmers' Market
2 Manitoba St., St. Thomas, ON

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