Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summary of Market Season so far....

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For June 13th at the market….

STRAWBERRIES are HERE!!!! See Berry Hill Fruit Farms for the first pick of the crop!

I remember studying the term Work-In-Progress (WIP) during my university years and thinking then that it was odd to have an actual term for something not quite finished. The more I apply the WIP theory, the more I question: Is anything ever really finished? This year at the Horton Farmers Market is most accurately defined as a WIP year. With the re-opening of the building after many years of inactivity and the shift in our value system to a more locally defined community, we see the work progress forward to a constantly shifting end-product. As we continue to re-define the terms: local, sustainable, producer-based, and healthy eating, so to do the boundaries shift of our local farmers market. So to is this blog a WIP. You may notice changes as we go along - just me getting used to communicating via this method. So after a month of operation this season, here is a brief summary of one of our most valuable inputs -the vendors. After this post, I will start to profile the vendors individually so you can get to know them and their stories. I will continue to announce new vendors, market specials, and upcoming events.

See you at the Market,

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

Our Indoor Vendors

Farmgate Markets Inc. - this week's special is Old Fashion Summer Sausage! They will not have the gluten free organic breads this week at the market but you can still pick that up at their shop.
Frisa Farms Eggs - pick your own eggs! Bring your own cartons as they are not able to supply recycled cartons. I have a few cartons in the lobby if you would like to recycle those.
Oegema’s Turkey Shoppe - turkey is a great BBQ treat and so good for your diet. Their variety of turkey items is unbeatable - something for every type of cook from BBQ to gourmet!
Coffee Cultures- aside from coffee they sell meal-size muffins, tarts, cookies, and scones. Enjoy your coffee and treat at our indoor cafe.
Jaydancin- Vickie will be making STRAWBERRY and GARDENERS soap this weekend.
Three.Two.Three - a new business venture by two ladies, Jane and Kate. They make herbal teas, lavendar packs, and chakra pillows, using all recycled and organic materials.
Donna Susi Jewellery- beautiful austrian crystal jewelry and other bead work.
Distinctively Tea - bringing a wide selection of loose teas for you to sample and purchase.

Our Outdoor Vendors

Janis McGregor Smith is getting married this weekend so Cathy and Gary from McSmiths Organics will not be at the market. And, newlyweds, Janis & Mark will be back at the market with fresh cut flowers - all AFTER THE WEDDING

Shitake Mushrooms - Carl and Judy Lindsay brought mushrooms to to the market last week and sold out by 10am - they had to rush in another load so they will be ready this week with a full supply.

Hertiage Line Herbs -have a variety of potted herbs to create your own herb garden at home plus dried seasonings for all your cooking requirements.

Berry Hill Fruit Farms - STRAWBERRIES!!!!! The season starts this saturday for Alice of Berry Hill Fruit Farms - I know she is going to be busy!

Erie Gardens - Mary Joicus brings potted plants, flowers, basket arrangements, and loads of gardening expertise each week.

Kids Kraft Korner - The girls think up a creative new craft each week for kids to do, requesting only a small donation to help cover costs.

Janssens Farms - one of our seasoned vendors bringing a variety of fresh veggies, fruit, and apple cider.

Spring Spear-it - Asparagus season is winding down - great your fresh asparagus while it lasts.
Kosciks Greenhouse- Tomatoes that are ground-grown in the greenhouse AND pesticide free! Stan and Rob will be in the North Pavilion.

Leslie Smale - she has several variety of Dalia Tubers - $1 each!!!! This will be her last week so be sure to see her in the North Pavilion and check out her photos of how the daliahs will look in full bloom.

Empire Valley Farms - brings potted plants and herbs

Shasta Dolphin - handcrafted kids hair accessories, knitted hats and kids clothing.

Village Pantry of Belmont - Dilly Dally Bean Dip, Banana Chocolate Chip cookies, and gluten free almond cookies all homemade with only the finest ingredients.

Bonnie Doon Beach Glass Artistry - handcrafted glass jewelry and houseware items

Ethel Mitrovic Pottery - dragonflies & whimsy in her work. Her pottery is both decorative and practical.

Lotus Thai - fresh spring rolls, sticky rice and pad thai!

Sin-O-Buns - baked before your eyes!

Palmers Maple Syrup - maple syrup and different treats to hit that sweet tooth!

Gibsons Honey - bringing honey and beeswax candles.

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