Thursday, June 4, 2009

June brings sunshine,

... shorts, and farm fresh summer produce.

Kosciks tomatoes were a big hit this past Saturday. They will be located in the North pavilion this Saturday along with Empire Farms, Lotus Thai and Sin-o-buns. As the produce grows, so to do the number of vendors at the market. Some of our vendors are full-time vendors, some only come during their product-specific growing season, and some come on an occasional basis. So we get a mix of what’s growing and what creative people are selling. Be sure to visit all three buildings of the market to see what’s happening and who’s selling where.

The interior vendors are a bit of a different story. With the coolers designated to specific spots, those vendors are anchored there. Farmgate Markets, Frisa Farm Eggs, and Oegama’s Turkey Shoppe are there every Saturday with a variety of BBQ needs. Did you try the gluten-free breads yet from Farmgate? Look for Coffee Culture in a new location down a little closer to the indoor café. We can better service your sit-down coffee needs by being a little closer to the café.

Jaydancin soap-making demo’s are a big hit! They show you how easy it is to make your own all-natural soap and adjust the ingredients to suit your needs and preferences. Depending on what kind she is making, you can smell spearmint, sweet orange, or lemon basil drifting in the air.

The herbal products from Three.Two.Three are fun and functional! The Snuggy poos were adorable and very friendly on the environment. All made from recycled materials.

And the family from McSmiths Organics are preparing for a wedding – their daughter Janis (who is also a market vendor for flowers but not till after the wedding) is marrying Mark. So they are using the spinach at the wedding, which is at their farm by the way. They will have loads of lettuce, green onions, and beet greens as they were a big seller. Next Saturday, June 13 is the wedding so McSmiths will not be at the market but look for them returning on June 20th.

Our customer appreciation draw winner was Tammy Shaw. This is one of my most enjoyed activities of being the market manager – I get to give the presents every Saturday morning. Be sure to sign up – I leave the basket at the indoor café.

My role of market manager is diverse.

The St. Thomas Horton Farmers Market is governed by a board of management that reports to City Council. Once per month we all get together to discuss the on-going improvement of the market and what it offers to our community. The are several people who volunteer their time and effort and nameless support to see the market prosper.

Thank you to everyone involved! It is no small task to bring the market to you each week even for the short 4 hour period that it currently operates.

Be seeing you at the market,


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