Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daylight is staying longer, the trees are filling in AND strawberries will be here soon. And tomatoes. With the summer produce coming the market continues to grow. This Saturday be sure to visit our new vendors Kosciks Greenhouses, Green Leaf Pastry, and Three-Two-Three. Three.Two.Three is a local new business venture. These women make & market unique handcrafted herbal products. All herbs are organic and all packaging is made from re-used recycled materials. They have herbal teas, herbal baths, their popular Chakra Focus pillows, Lavender eye pillows, and Snuggie Poos (adorable handcrafted stuffed toys filled with salt and lavender packs to warm up for that upset tummy or late night upset).

Kosciks are bring bushels full of fresh, ground-grown tomatoes from their greenhouses. Kim McCarvel owns Green Leaf Pastry and Green Fusion. You may have tried some of her organic baked treats or saw her artwork at the WOW event we participated in at the St. Anne’s Centre in April. Kim starts at the market this week and will be giving free cookies to those who bring their own bags and containers. St. Thomas Energy conservation specialist , Kathleen, will be with us this weekend to present all sorts of ideas and tips on energy conservation for your family. Did you visit the folks from Oegama’s last week? They will be back this week with turkey breasts, ground turkey, sausages, and medallions. Coffee, tea, muffins, scones, cookies, tarts - Courtney and Kate from Coffee Cultures are bringing more variety and quantity this week. Bring your own containers and stock up for the weekend. They will be selling their organic fair-trade coffee. Sit indoors at our café and listen to the Retreads – this is their last week at the market. We will be bringing in a variety of music and entertainment to please all the music lovers. Stay tuned for June’s venue…. And you asked, and McSmith’s listened – they will have bundles of fresh beet greens along with several other lettuce variety for all your summer salad needs. Someone mentioned to me on Saturday that he could smell something like….. Cinnamon? Fresh, made-in-front of your eyes – Sin-o-buns! What a treat! Bring your own container for these also although they may not make it home. Enjoy at the outdoor gravel café along with ‘brunch’ from the Pet Friends For Life BBQ. We know Farmgate’s bacon on a bun is a big hit at the café, and now they have teamed up with a bakery from London called Organic Works to bring a variety of gluten-free breads including spelt, light buckwheat and brown rice. These breads are fresh baked and freeze very well so see Farmgate’s for all your gluten-free breads!

Empire Valley is starting back this weekend. Look for their clay potted herbal arrangements, strawberry plants, and heritage tomato plants to get your garden going.

Last week’s winner of the customer appreciation draw was John & Sue O’Reilly. They took home a basket of goodies. Each vendor contributes something to this draw every week so be sure to fill out your name and number at the table inside – now set up at a table near the café. We welcome your suggestions, your input, and most importantly your presence at the market! The connectedness that happens every Saturday is so valuable and often intangible. It breathes new life into our community, it regenerates and it sustains. Continue to share and spread the word about St. Thomas’ Horton Farmers Market. Pass this e-mail along to everyone you know. Suggest meeting at the market for a coffee and a little social time. Look forward to seeing you at the market!

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

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