Thursday, May 21, 2009

May two-four has come and gone ...

... even though it happened May 16th.

It did rain again – to be expected, right? But now we are in for sunny skies for the remainder of the market season. Although I actually do not mind the rain, it does not seem to deter our Saturday morning crowd at the market.

Calling all gardening enthusiasts – the St. Thomas Horticultural Society will be at the market this weekend with its’ annual plant sale. This is a one-time deal so you might want to get the pick of the crop.

Did you try the Dilly Dally Bean Dip from The Village Pantry of Belmont? Christine is very selective of her ingredients that go into this dip. AND her banana chocolate chip cookies are AMAZING! Really, it’s like eating a mini banana cake. This is one of the many side benefits of my role – taste testing!

I also brought my own carton and ‘picked’ a dozen eggs from Frisa Farms. Due to some regulations about eggs, they cannot re-use egg cartons – but you can! You can bring your own carton(s) and fill them at their egg cooler. They sold out of eggs last week! Be sure to say Hi to Hannah – our youngest market vendor.

The Oegema Turkey Shoppe is coming to the market for this Saturday! Turkey breasts and burgers – perfect for the grill.

And how about the Iron Spike Banger from Farmgates? Or maybe some bacon on a bun from Pets Friends for Life BBQ fundraiser? Farmgate will be supplying all their BBQ needs to help raise funds for these animal friends in-need.

What do you know about the Jacob Sheep breed?

From Gainford Forest Farm -

rare breed Jacob sheepskins. Local and naturally raised lamb and sheepskins.
Sheepskins are wonderfully cozy and comfortable on backs of chairs, car seats, wheel chairs and bedside floor. Used in hospitals to prevent bedsores.

Jacob sheep are said to be descended from the Biblical patriarch Jacob who kept spotted sheep.

Mary Edgar is a Canadian Volunteer for WENDWOA (West Nile Disadvantaged Women and Orphans Association). She spends half of her time in Uganda working with local artisans there who create beautiful jewelry from different seeds and rolled newspaper/magazine paper. The proceeds from the sale of this jewelry go directly back to benefit these disadvantaged women and children.

Vickie from Jaydancin was busy cooking last week! Cooking soap that is. All her products are naturally derived with as minimal processing and packaging as possible. Be sure to pick up some bubblegum or creamsicle soap for the kids.

Heritage Line Herbs brings a wide selection of dried herb blends perfect for seasoning your grilled veggies. They also have a large variety of ‘ready-to-plant’ herbs.

Be sure to have your croutons and ceasar dressing ready as McSmiths Organics has plenty of fresh, crisp romaine. Just look at the size of these and you will see proof of nature’s bounty.

Congratulations to Margaret Silverthorne! Her name was drawn for the first customer appreciation basket of the 2009 season. Remember to fill out a ballot inside at the market café. Include your name and phone number, and the winner will be contacted to pick up their prize the following Saturday at the market. All our vendors contribute to the basket.

There are so many things to tell you about… we have new vendors starting each week. We will be seeing some regular vendors starting back in the next few weeks bringing……. Strawberries, tomatoes and garlic.

Stay tuned and see you at the Market!


Tricia Herbert

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