Thursday, May 14, 2009

Did you get a chance to visit the market this past Saturday?

What a great day to be had by all despite the torrential downpour. Thankfully, we now have the market building to shelter us a little from the seasonal weather. It felt a lot like a celebration … celebrating Mothers’ Day and the changing of the seasons AND welcoming the bounty of spring produce.

And then there’s that connection thing. I saw it everywhere – like old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while. And customers who were happy to see some new vendors at the market like Frisa Farm Eggs and Boonie Doon Beach Glass Artistry.

Ray and Sandy from Farmgate have a few things they are cooking up specifically for the Horton Farmers Market. They have teamed up with our own local brewery, Iron Spike Brewery, to bring you the Iron Spike Banger sausage. Try a sample when you stop by to pick up all your deli and BBQ needs.

As the season progresses you may notice different faces inside the market building. Farmgate, City Coffee, Frisa Farm Eggs and Jaydancin will be inside for the entire market season. Some of our other vendors will rotate through the building and the outside pavilions. This way everyone gets a chance to experience the full market atmosphere and we keep it fresh.

McSmith’s Organics has lots and lots of lettuce! And spinach salad greens. I will never forget my first bite of salad that had just yesterday been growing in the soil – that is fresh! They will also have lettuce plants and heritage tomato plants in peat pots – ready to plant with way less impact on the environment then using plastic planters.

Did you know that asparagus is a highly labour-intensive crop to harvest? It is cut, washed, and bundled by hand. Spring Spear-it sold out – I know because I bought the last bunch of asparagus from them. The eager cousins Taylor and Rachael will be back this week with a bigger lot to sell.

Mary Joicus from Erie Gardens and her girls with the Kids Kraft Korner are master gardeners! Check out their bedding plants, potted flowers and cool craft ideas for kids of all ages! These girls bring crafts to the market each week and request a small donation only to offset their supply costs. They are looking for old large 2 or 4 holed buttons for an upcoming craft. So dig through your button collection and drop them off to the girls on Saturday.

Ethel Mitrovic knows pottery. This is one of my favourite photos. She was a trooper during that first windy, torrential rain on Saturday. Be sure to stop by her booth to see her unique creations.

Sandy Sullivan and her sister own and create for Boonie Doon Beach Glass Artristry. Her daughter Carly will be selling some unique jewelry and tablewares and they will have some ‘market-only’ specials coming up soon.

And Josie Allosery made the news with the St. Thomas Times Journal! She can be seen sharing her expertise with some market goers in the Tuesday May 12 edition.

Palmer’s Maple Syrup is back. I also tried their rhubarb maple syrup muffins. They did not last long – didn’t even make it home as a matter of fact.

And something that was so much fun and received rave reviews – The Retreads! This group of eager musicians played for four hours! We even had a few dancers take to the floor near the end of the day. They will be back for the month of May.

I welcome your comments and suggestions – keep them coming! I am always looking for new vendors, musicians and ideas for themes and events at the market. I have an office in the building although you may note I will rarely be in there; my tendency is to walk around. My card is there to pick up. Track me down on Saturday to say Hi.

See you at the Market!

Tricia Herbert

Market Manager


  1. Looks like a busy weekend to come.....we better get picking extra !!!
    We hope to have lots of heads of lettuce (romaine, red heads , oakleaf)

    the McSmiths

  2. what a great time at the market today many people and not enough lettuce!!!!!

    We better "keep pickin"

    cathy from mcsmiths