Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Two Four Plant Sale....

I think we all have an internal time-clock that says it's not really planting time, pool opening time, picnic season, until May two four has arrived. As the weekend draws near, the temperature and the gas prices increase. I try not to get ahead of myself when predicting the weather but yesterday was lovely, today even warmer, so Saturday.......
The Horticulture Society is having the annual plant sale at the market this weekend. The fundraiser for Africa through the folks from Word & Deed are also back this weekend. I go through a list of hosta's with Peter from S-W Gardens every Saturday - hosta's being my favourite plant as they are low maintenance, can be split to fill in space, and are perenials. Then there are the beautiful hanging baskets at both Empire Valley and Erie Gardens. I'm not a big fan of gardening (there; I said it outloud - is that such a crime?), but I love plants and flowers at my house. Hence the joy of purchasing other peoples' joy of gardening - the hanging baskets mentioned above, and the potted herbs from Heritage Line Herbs.

The creativity overflows every Saturday morning as well. I love the new shelf idea McSmith's Organics rigged up! And I frequently stop by Moonstone Aromatheraphy Spa Products (inside) to inhale the scent of Jacqui's lavender and grapefruit scented bath salts. Spicer's was close to sold-out this past weekend too! They start out just literally overflowing from the racks and tables. We moved the coffee guys indoors - a better logistics plan for the breakfast sandwich combo (which saw 131 combos sold in four hours this past week!) I had the first sandwich off the grill for the 2010 season - my heart's at peace.....

Congratulations to Helena Clark who won the customer appreciation draw for this week. Keep smiling and look forward to seeing you at the market!


Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

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