Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Signs of Summer.....

I’m sitting on my back porch as I type this. The kids are playing tic-tac-toe with chalk on the floor of the playhouse. The birds are dinning on their 6 o’clock meal, attempting to drown out the background noise of the city traffic. Certainly sounds and feels like summer even though my weather prediction was a bit off for last weekend at the market; we saw rain for most of the morning. We tried to will the rain away and by 9am and I thought we had succeeded when the skies broke for a brief period, but then the clouds rolled back in and stayed for the rest of the morning. (The early bird got the strawberries and it wasn't me - I didn't see them until this picture!)

And yet another busy day at the market- there is much discussion about the droves of people out to the market when the weather is unpleasant. It was the first time however that I received more than one request to ‘do something about the parking lot’. I suspect it had a little to do with the rain also but a few customers’ vehicles were trapped in the parking lot longer than they would have preferred. I am putting in a request to the Board of Management (which goes to City Council as the property is owned by the City of St. Thomas) to provide a resolution but in the meantime, please be courteous to other customers and don’t block any vehicles in. We ended up putting a pylon on top of the vehicles that needed to be moved in hopes of catching someone’s attention sooner rather than later. (Sorry S.L. :-() (Colourful picture of Spicer's doughnuts)

I also had a request from the last newsletter to include the address details of the market for those customers visiting from out of town. The newsletter is emailed as a direct update from the blog which includes all contact details at the bottom of the blog page but I realize not everyone hops over to the blog. I will be including that information at the end of the newsletter from now on. Also, a few have mentioned that their pictures/wording sometimes skews on the receiving end of this - I send this out through Google Groups using their strict guidelines for launching an email direct from the blog. I suspect that it could be on the receiver's server setup side of things??? I send a copy of this newsletter to 3 separate email addresses that I own (different web servers) and they all come through properly spaced. Keep me posted...
(Market fan Micah to the right enjoying the famous Horton Breakfast Sandwich combo)

We had 34 vendors at the market this past weekend of Queen Victoria’s birthday (to learn more about her, I highly recommend the movie Young Victoria – she was quite an amazing woman!). All of these things are positive signs of growth and expansion which is the energy of summer. Please continue to share your suggestions, thoughts, and ideas – there are many people who care greatly about this market, and it shows.

We have a few new vendors joining us this week – Jake and Anya from The Dutch Bakery of St. Thomas will be bringing apple fritters by the dozens – they will be inside. And Barb’s Brickle from Port Stanely will be there with traveling cart et al. The coffee guys (Jay and Greg) are adding tea to their venue for the tea drinkers in the crowd (Many Thanks). Danielle from Delightlyfully tea will not be returning to the market this season due to family commitments on her farm.

This weekend will be a first for me - I won’t be at the market! I am away the whole weekend for a meditation retreat so my Mom (Sandy to the right with Ray) and my Aunt (Patti to the far left sitting with Jim & Kathy Lumely) have agreed to hold down the fort while I’m gone. I’m pretty sure I acquired my gift for gab from these two ladies so they will fit right in. Say Hi if you see them and please feel free to have an extra breakfast sandwich for me.

Stay Cool,

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

St. Thomas Horton Farmers Market
2 Manitoba Street, St. Thomas, ON
(1/2 block North of Giant Tiger on Talbot Street)

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