Thursday, July 15, 2010

Standing Room Only....

The St. Thomas Public Library has done this really cool thing for the market - they brought Wi-Fi! They have a booth there every week where you can purchase used books and borrow the latest titles. Bring your laptop and sit for a breakfast sandwich or two and just absorb the market buzz. It did get a little warm last week with the sun bearing down on the tables out front - don't forget about the outdoor cafe area in the far pavilion. I will be bringing more tables and chairs out to that area so we have a little more shelter for folks to linger. ( FYI no accessible hydro hookup)

Well, I do believe this weekend we will hit capacity - vendor standing room only! I have had several requests from vendors wishing to start at the market this week. R-Grow farms is returning with sweet corn and melons. Monkia, Anita and Joe are excited to be returning a few weeks early - Monika called me from the field to say they will have the two large tables in the North Pavilion. Mark Wales is returning with garlic, blueberries, and yellow beans. And the Treat Ladies are starting inside - they have told me of carmalized apples, baked pretzels, and all things yummy. Add a few more craft vendors selling handmade birdhouses and children's pillows for a well rounded mix. I will be starting that vendor waiting list in earnest after this weekend. That is exciting to see our reputation growing.

With 40 or so vendors plus all the enquires I field during the week, there is much information and details that are shared. I know there will be peaches from Ralph Troup this week, lots of greens still with McSmiths, and blueberries from Bluegroves. I inhaled 2 pints by Sunday afternoon. And of course, my latest addiction, the scones from Green Leaf Pastries. Last week I bought 2 blueberry and 2 cheese and onion scones- I remember every morsel of each scone. That good. (Photo on the left - a few of my favourite market go-ers and future market managers :-)

I will be spending a little time rearranging the vendors to fit everyone in so please be sure to stop and say hi to everyone and find them all. Nothing too drastic - I know we are creatures of habit.
Bring a friend, stay for a coffee and memories shared. Take home fresh, local products and crafts and enjoy. Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested - we are over 550 members strong and I do not share that list with anyone.

Cheers and see you soon,

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

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