Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to the new members of this newsletter who have signed up this season. Each week I add a few more names to the growing list from those who designate it on the customer appreciation draw ballots. This past week was a record with 15 new names added. Be sure to puruse through previous posts at the blog to find out what's been happening at the Horton Farmers' Market this year.

You may have started canning already. Look for pickling cukes and garlic, free-stone peaches, and maybe a little salsa. The barbeque should be well seasoned by now - don't forget Oegema's Turkey Shoppe has four different flavours of turkey burgers in the freezer. And Ray at Farmgates almost always has a new brand of sausage to try.

Donna handcrafts all her jewlery at SUSQI Designs - she's having a summer holiday sale this weekend on all her bracelets and earrings (her holidays start after this Saturday's market). That is the other thing you might notice - the vendors get to have holidays too. Martin's Produce are away this week, returning next saturday, as well as the PAN Mission fundraising team of Pat and Sandy.

I keep track of certain stats on a weekly basis including number of vendors, estimated revenue generated by the vendors, and stall rental receipts. All of the numbers are up again this year, at our almost midway mark (July 31st is the 13th of 26 Saturdays). I see lots of new faces every Saturday and I continue to hear stories of how the market is like it used to be - a guaranteed social gathering every Saturday morning. I continue to be awed by that factor as well - I love going to the market!

Congratulations to Sue Koroscil who won the customer appreciation draw for this week. The bucket is always overflowing and the winners always very grateful to the vendors for their gifts. I send the 'Thanks' both ways. I have little else to say - odd, I know.
Life is good. See you at the market!


Tricia Herbert
Market Manager
2 Manitoba St, St. Thomas, ON

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