Friday, August 27, 2010

Last night was FreshFest at the CASO Train Station on Talbot Street in downtown St. Thomas. Welcome to all new members who signed up for the newsletter there! We had a great time! I loved the tomato and goat cheese tart - it was a combined effort from the chef from Braxton's in town here, and produce from market vendor McSmith's Organics. And of course, the flourless chocolate cake from Kim Saunders of the Windjammer in Port Stanley gets me every time.

I meet alot of folks coming to our market from Port Stanley, Aylmer, and London. You are one of the most effective forms of advertising - sharing your experience by bringing your friends and family (Thanks J.F. for bringing new friends every time to share the experience).

I got a first-hand taste of that market atmosphere from a unique perspective this past Saturday. An early appointment had me away from the market for the first hour. When I arrived just after 9am, I could 'feel the buzz' from almost a block away. I parked down on the corner, passing crowds of people both coming and going. Because I am already in that market bubble Saturday mornings, I don't get the chance to see that from the outside. It was an awesome perspective - you can't help but be drawn into the cheer and enthusiasm happening there.
Fall is in the air and I love it! We have two months left of this market season where the stalls overflow with Autumn's harvest. We are stocking the pantry and lingering a little longer over the morning breakfast sandwich and coffee. Socks and sweaters are once again part of the early morning attire.

Vendors in the North Pavilion include: DeBackere Farms, Palmers Maple Syrup, Paw4Mance Natural Dog Food, Berry Hill Fruit Farm, Janis Smith Fresh Cut Flowers, McSmith's Organics, Empire Valley Farms, Lindsay Shitake Mushrooms, Shasta Dolphin (hand knitt hats, mittens, and children's accessories), SW Gardens (hostas, lillies, etc.), Green Leaf Pastries (oh my- yummy scones), Grammies Creations (away this week), Chris Dancey Heirloom Organic Tomatoes, Mark Wales Farms (intensely flavourfull garlic), Erie Gardens, and Janssens Farms.

Gail McNaughton will be at the market this week with her commerative greeting cards and mystical artwork. Also, Isabelle Nethercott will be there apprenticing in face painting for the kids. The IPM Souvenir Van will be there also.

Congratulations to Geraldine Smith who won the customer appreciation draw this week. We have more and more folks signing up for the draw every week also. I wish you all luck with the draw!

Remember to bring your own bags and coffee mugs (and containers when possible). Look forward to seeing you at the market!


Tricia Herbert
Market Manager
2 Manitoba St, St. Thomas

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