Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Successful Market Season!

I read a line recently that stated we had another successful season at the Horton Farmers' Market. What constitutes success at the market? The market is a key connector of many factors; not all of them obvious. Yes, it connects the farmer to the consumer; the community to it's own turf; friends to each other, and many of us to a piece of our past through memories made there.

But what about the vendors who make further business contracts that extend beyond the market season and beyond the borders of our local community? How about the folks who connected with the fund-raiser groups and felt like they participated in the whole process even though they never left home base. And the stories I have been told - I have been brought to tears more than once by the loving memories of parents and grandparents, now passed on, who were an integral part of this very market.

At times I am overwhelmed by the life of the market - it is boisterous and fun and makes me want more. Even I, who sees much of the behind-the-scenes happenings of what it takes to keep the market happening (not always fun and boisterous), continue to be inspired by the 'success' of the market.

I often treat my business work like my children; nuturing it through bumps and hiccups along the way. The market is no different - it is now like my two year old toddler. In the off-season I feel like I send my toddler to boarding school. I am not connected to it on a weekly basis but it is nutured in my mind and heart. I look forward to sharing memories with you at the Harvest Fest on Saturday November 6th - our grand finale for 2010. You can purchase tickets for this event this Saturday at our last market day of the year. ($15 for adults; $10 for kids (6-16yrs)

One of our season vendors, Empire Valley Farms, will be having a Christmas open house at their farm in Wallacetown on November 25, 26 (open until 8pm), & Saturday 27th (open until 4pm). Another opportunity for you to stay connected with the market vendors and purchase some Christmas greenery and preserves.

The other fun thing happening this Saturday, is of course, Halloween at the market. Our resident face painter Isabelle, will be inside the building this week so if you 'forget' to wear your costume to the market, she will happily help you out.

I include a comment here sent to me from last week's customer appreciation draw winner to pass on to all the vendors - another key contributing factor to the success of the market.

" We are still enjoing the wonderful basket won on Saturday October 23rd. We returned home and it felt as though we were a couple of kids on Christmas morning looking through our stockings full of goodies. We would like each of the vendors to know that we are very appreciative and thankful to all of you for it. It was a pleasant surprise not only winning, but also finding all the donations made by you. We both had smiles on our faces the rest of the day because of you. While most of the contents will be enjoyed by us, there were a few items that we will be shipping to our daughter in England. She was a frequent visitor to the market before moving there. I'm sure she'll be overjoyed at receiving them. Many thanks to all of you."

And I also say many thanks to all of you - the reader, the customer, the market fans. See you one more time (well two more if you are attending Harvest Fest) at the market!


Tricia Herbert

Market Manager

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