Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy October.....

The first Saturday of the month of October and hence, the St. Thomas Public Library will be at the market this weekend. Be sure to bring your library card and take home a few timely books about fall and harvest.

We have been harvesting a bit of rain these last few days and will likely continue into the weekend. Rain at the market does not seem to be a problem – our pavilions are sheltering structures, and of course we have the indoor building which also provides shelter and blessed warmth. New inside the building this week is Carol Smith Permanent Christmas Trees. Carol is a returning vendor to the market and will be lighting up the inside this year with her crafty creations.

We continue to average 32 vendors per Saturday. That number includes various vendors finishing for the season and new vendors just beginning. And then there are those who have been here full-time from May 9th right to October 31st. New vendors this week include Quai du Vin with their Concord Sparkingly Grape Juice (non-alcoholic beverage). Sin-o-buns, RGrow Farms, and DeBackere Farms will be done on Thanksgiving weekend, so if you're like my mom and have been waiting for a special occasion to try the sin-o-buns, Thanksgiving is it!

Watch for LOCAL CELEBRITY CHEFS cooking up the Horton Breakfast Combo during the month of October. The breakfast sandwich combo has been a huge success this season. Kudos of gratitude to Sandy and Ray from Farmgate Markets (bacon, sausage, juice, water and all the other fixin’s including the cooking!), Amber from Frisa Farms (eggs of the combo), and the gals from Coffee Cultures (the coffee of the combo). We are proud to include the Horton Breakfast Combo as a ‘feature’ for the Doors Open Campaign which runs in St. Thomas October 17 & 18th. The Horton Farmers’ Market is a part of the tour on the 17th only so we hope to see extra visitors to the market that day!

We do not yet have the final details approved for the season-end Harvest Fest. When that happens, you will be the first to know. As I finish up this writing, the sun is shinning brilliantly - perhaps a sign of tomorrow's weather - I have been called the eternal optimist before!

See you at the market!

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

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