Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beans, beans, and more....

Beans are in-season! Green, yellow, string, wax, and even purple beans. We've heard them called by many different names and they also can be prepared many different ways. Fresh out of the garden, in a marinade, or dipped in a special sauce - you will get to sample these at the market this weekend! Cathy, from McSmith Organics is bringing a sampling of her specialty bean marinade. Hertiage Line Herbs will have some dips for you to sample using their dried herb seasonings, and there are plenty of beans (and other produce), fresh from the garden. For recipe ideas, there are several that are quick, easy, and full of flavour - just add beans from the market!

The Horton Farmers Market has been around for 131 years - almost as old as Canada. We are celebrating the market's birthday on August 1st with festivities for all. Do you know the "Good Things Grow in Ontario" jingle? That's it. Good things grow in Ontario. We are having a little singing contest - no practice or skill required, just plain courage to step up to the mic and sing. Special guests from the local community are expected that day - who knows, there may be a singer or two in the mix. Plan to stay for a while, have breakfast, a coffee, and a little cake for dessert.

We are a member of Farmers' Markets Ontario which gives us guidelines to follow in keeping the market a producer-based market. The farmers grow and sell their own produce. The artisans create their own craft. Some things you find at the market are not 'locally grown'. Coffee is a good example. Coffee will not be locally produced as long as we live in Ontario. So we work within the guidelines to bring one of our dietary staples to the market. (there are time when I have jokingly suggested adding coffee as a food group). If there are products you would like to see at the market, let me know. I am constantly working on bringing the full mix to the market, always keeping in mind, the locally produced guidelines.

Expect a full venue at the market this weekend. We currently have 35 vendors that participate in our 4 hour market day. Holidays and Mother Nature keep some away some of the time, but we are in prime market season. I heard an advertisement on the radio to visit your local farmers market, supported by the Government of Ontario. Visiting the market helps sustain our economy in tough times, but it does much more than that. It breathes life back into our community and reminds us that good things really do grow right here in our own backyard.

See you at the market!

Tricia Herbert
Market Manager

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