Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrate at the Market!

Happy Birthday Canada!!!

How did you celebrate Canada's birthday? There are many traditional ways - fireworks, BBQ's, and gathering with family and friends. And, my personal favourite- giving thanks for this amazing country that we live in and the many privileges that come with that. This Saturday at the market is another opportunity to celebrate. We will have face-painting (not just for the kids you know), crazy canuck sales (see Erie Gardens), AND chocolate covered strawberries (for FREE!).

Strawberry season is winding down - Thanks to Berry Hill Fruit Farms for the strawberries that you will get to sample on Saturday. Just today, I purchased a few pounds of dark chocolate from Scoops in downtown St. Thomas for the dipping. We will set up all festivities in the outdoor cafe - be sure to sign up for the customer appreciation draw when you are there.

Gluten-free products at the market! More vendors are receiving requests for gluten-free products. You already know about Farmgate and the gluten-free meat they sell, but did you know that Village Pantry Restaurant will now be selling all gluten-free products and only at the Horton Farmers Market? Christine from Village Pantry is very picky about the ingredients that go into all of her products, and you can taste it in every bite! And Kim from Green Leaf Pastry will have 2 different gluten-free baked goods every week at the market. Her chocolate brownies are my personal favourite!

I am so excited about all the upcoming events and produce at the market! There are times when I do not get a chance to tell you about it here in the blog, as some vendors don't know until Saturday morning what's coming to the market that day - tis the nature of Mother Nature. A little uncertainty is a good thing.

Look forward to seeing you at the Market!


Tricia Herbert
Market Manager,
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Coniseur

P.S. - I had TWO Horton Breakfast Sandwichs last week - I figured my morning starts VERY early (5am) so it's more like breakfast and lunch for me. I have always been a big fan of breakfast sandwichs at any time of the day! :-)

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