Friday, July 17, 2009

Blueberries at the Market!

I love Blueberries! They are like candy in my house as we freeze them and use them in every dish possible including my kids personal favourite, breakfast smoothies. (You can sneak alot of 'healthy' things into a smoothie!). Did you know that Canada ranks second in the world for blueberry growers? Starting this week, Blue Groves Fruit Farms from West Lorne will be at the market with buckets of blueberries. (and great recipe ideas!)

Unless you tune your mother nature clock to the seasons or happen to be a grower yourself, it is difficult to stay up-to-date on what produce is in-season. McSmith's Organics have a handy chart on the back of one of their brochures for quick reference. You can pick up a brochure at McSmith's table or inside the market building at the information stand in the back foyer. McSmith's will have bunches of broccoli, green & yellow zukes, red & golden beets, black rasperries and a variety of lettuces. Add fresh cut flowers to your table setting from Janis Smith Flowers where you can pick up the first of this season's glads.

Next week (July 25th) there will be samples of bean marinades (McSmith's) and herb dips (from Heritage Line Herbs) to give you an idea or two on how to expand your horizons with beans. We will have a sample table set up in the outdoor cafe where you can also sign up for the customer appreciation draw.
On August 1st we are celebrating the Market's 131st Birthday. Get your singing voices ready as we want to hear you give us your version of 'Good Things Grow In Ontario'. There will be music, birthday cake and face painting as well as visits from the local dignitaries.

And this week, West Lorne is celebrating their annual Cowboys & Cactus event. Erie Gardens and Empire Valley Farms will be partipating in this event so you will not see them at the market until next week.

We have new vendors coming almost every week this month - be sure to stop be the new jewlery/artisan vendors Ann Grace Creations and Devarati Jewlery. And for produce, DeBackere Farms, John Martin Produce, and BlueGroves Fruit Farms.
I have heard many people say that they shop first at the market and can get most of what they need there. This reduces the number of trips to the big box stores, reduces our ecological footprint, and increases our ability to sustain our local economy. Continue to pass on the word about the Horton Farmers Market by forwarding this update and by bringing someone new to the market. Invite them for a Horton Breakfast Sandwich combo and a Sin-o-Bun for a special treat after. One of the most effective ways to advertise is still the tried-and-true method of Word of Mouth.

See you soon at the market!


Tricia Herbert

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